San Francisco Employment Law Attorneys

meowSommers Employment Law Group – (415) 432-4372

Aggressively Advocating For Employees In The Bay Area

If you face adversity in the workplace, you want an aggressive advocate on your side. At the Sommers Employment Law Group, we have built our practice on fighting for the rights of employees in San Francisco and surrounding areas of California who have been mistreated at work. Our lawyers’ experience includes representing individual employees, mid-level managers and corporate executives across major industries in the Bay Area, including technology, health care, retail, advertising and sales, insurance and the restaurant and service industry.

We handle claims involving discrimination, harassment, wage and hour violations, wrongful retaliation, termination and other employment law issues.

The Steps We Take To Manage Your Claim

Our thorough preparation is one of several reasons many clients have found success with our firm. When you contact us to discuss your issue, we will:

  • Ask detailed questions about your case by phone so we can fully understand your issue and concerns
  • Have one of our attorneys review your case in its entirety so he or she can be prepared to discuss specific issues or questions with you
  • Set up an initial interview between you and your attorney to discuss any additional questions and define a clear strategy focused on your objectives
  • Collaborate with you in gathering all the documentation and research needed to pursue the claim — all before your claim is even filed
  • File the claim and aggressively advocate on your behalf in negotiation or litigation to achieve the fair value of your case

We only bring claims that we feel confident we can win. Our extensive and detailed preparation of cases upfront often proves beneficial in achieving outcomes efficiently.


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